Maritime Leadership, trailblazing operational innovations and advancing the maritime industry locally and internationally. My title page contents Port Advisers | @SHPS 07797 720723 St Helier Port Services and Channel Island Port Services 07797 720723 ; We offer dedicated SHIP, PORT, YACHT Agency and Management services. We operate in both Jersey and Guernsey, specialising in Cruise, Fuel, Bulk, and Yacht. We arrange Yacht Registration, and VAT Free Fuel at competitive prices, and all shore requirements. Contact us on 07797720723 24/7 for immediate response.


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We operate primarily in the blue (maritime) economy, and we’re also passionate about playing a part in the growth of enthusiastic and successful innovation in leadership in any business, team or individual.

We're specialist port consultants and advisers focused on the shipping and port industry in the UK and worldwide, advising ports and their investors, as well as governments and port users.

Our clients ask us to help with their business strategies - from creation to implementation - so our work is wide ranging, covering high level and complex assignments through to smaller, routine issues. 

Whatever the size of task, we provide reliable, straightforward and, above all, practical advice capable of immediate application.

Our capability is unusual: our business, environmental, public affairs and legal specialists understand the breadth and detail of the port industry and provide reliable, straightforward and, above all, practical advice.

As members of UK Port Advisers - for ports, we advise, plan — then support strategy, operations and port infrastructure development.

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For more information please click here for these key services:

  • Port organisation and ownership
  • Dispute resolution
  • Transactions
  • Development
  • Environment
  • Exploitation of port land
  • Harbour legislation and powers
  • Operational safety, risk and compliance
  • Marine operations

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We’re also very enthusiastic about seeing those we work with be motivated and succeed, particularly through providing leadership support through coaching, mentoring and facilitation of teams and individuals across all industries at executive level. This is likely to be either as coach and facilitator, or as interim manager and mentor. Please contact us through

We're members of:

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